Surrey Rehab

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Our Surrey Rehabilitation Practice is designed to deal with dependence and takes immediate admissions. Are you or a loved one currently fighting with any kind of addiction? Phone Home Detox UK today for free guidance on 01245 835991 or e-mail – we’re open 24 hours a day.

Surrey RehabSurrey Rehab Clinic

At our Surrey Rehabilitation Clinic you’ll be made to feel at home the minute you arrive. Our friendly staff all come from a history of addictions and understand the problems you are experiencing. Our Surrey Rehabilitation centre includes a pool, gymnasium and luxurious bedrooms. It’s placed in a safe place away from bustling city life along with the temptations that go with this. Our Surrey Rehab clinic is proud to celebrate its 20th birthday this year. We boast one of the best long term recovery rates in the industry.

The clinic itself specialises in treatment for dependence to MDMA, Ketamine, Methedrone, Heroin, Crack, Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Crystal Meth & Prescription drugs. We can also treat eating disorders at our Surrey Rehab clinic.

We also have relationships with a Surrey rehabilitation practice that will treat stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression & bipolar. If you would like to learn more or uncertain if we can assist you then give us a call or email

Home Detox in Surrey?

We have effective Detox option that are home based. These detox programmes are designed for individuals who cannot attend our Surrey rehabilitation clinic because of work and family obligations. Our team of specialist Doctors will detox you safely in the very comfort of your home.

We also provide a home-based rehabilitation programme across Surrey. Prices begin at just £150 – the cheapest and most effective in the industry!

Should you or a family member suffer from any form of addiction contact us free of charge, for friendly & confidential guidance and advice on 01245 835991.

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