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Lancashire Rehabilitation for urgent entries! Transport supplied! Suffering from Addiction? Telephone our Lancashire rehabilitation now on 0161 401 2991 or e-mail – we’re open Twenty-Four hours a day and waiting to help.

Lancashire Rehab Lancashire Rehabilitation – Dependence / Addiction Treatment

Our Lancashire rehabilitation is specially constructed and designed to manage substance dependency. In The moment that you arrive you’ll feel welcome and relaxed. The practice itself is placed in a rural place that provides true feel of serenity and tranquillity. We’re strong believers that to treat addiction properly you should care for your mind, body & soul. Our Lancashire rehabilitation practice is tastefully furnished with luxurious private en suite bedrooms and incredibly friendly staff.

At Home Detox UK we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. Most of our staff members come from a history of dependency so comprehend what you’re going through. We’re here to help so telephone us on 0161 401 2991 or e-mail

At our Lancashire rehabilitation we are able to treat addictions to prescription drugs for example codeine & Valium, and alcohol, cannabis, crack, cocaine, ketamine, heroin, MDMA, MCAT (methadrone). Farther to this we’ve got a Lancashire Rehab practice that specialises in treating eating disorders and mental health illnesses including PTSD, bipolar, anxiety & depression.

Lancashire Home Detox & Home Based Rehabilitation For Addiction

Home Detox UK as you are likely to tell from the name specialise in Home-Based dependence treatments. We understand not everybody has the cash, time or flexibility to attend a rehabilitation practice. Because of this we offer exceptionally successful home-based treatments. Our Detox service begins at only £995 and is an excellent alternative to attending a residential rehabilitation practice. Farther to this we give you a tailored home-based rehabilitation programme from only GBP150 per week. Get treated in the very comfort of your own home with minimal interruption! Contact Home Detox UK today on 0161 401 2991 or e-mail for more info on our Lancashire Home Detox Detox service.

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