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Are your or somebody you know struggling with dependency to a substance? Call our Cumbria rehabilitation on 0161 401 2991 or email us – We may also organize transportation and interventions.

Cumbria RehabCumbria Rehab For Dependence

The increase in substance abuse might be blamed on several variables in Britain including the ease in availability, more affordable prices & social approval. As an immediate results of this the UK has seen a vast amount of specialist dependency practices open. For most people the idea of visiting rehabilitation clinic may be daunting. Fortunately at Home Detox UK we comprehend this as many of our staff have been to rehabilitation for substance dependency. Our Cumbria Rehab Clinic is especially made to offer a feeling of tranquility together with a homely feel. You’ll feel welcome the minute you arrive. For pressing admissions to our Cheshire Rehab telephone 0161 401 2991 or e-mail
Cumbria Rehabilitation – Beat Your Addiction Now

At our Cumbria Rehab practice we are able to treat many habits and addictions. We can treat all drug addictions and alcohol addiction. Further to this we treat process addictions such as porn addiction, sex addiction, OCD and eating disorders. Our Cumbria rehab clinic also specialises in treating bipolar, stress, anxiety and PTSD. Uncertain if we can assist you? We’re open Twenty-Four hours a day so call us on 0161 401 2991 for free advice and help.

The goal of Home Detox UK is to make the process of entering rehabilitation as worry free as we can. We understand it could be nerve-racking and that is the reason why we are able to provide free transportation to and from our practice. Our Cumbria Rehab has a plethora of facilities including luxurious private bedrooms, pool, gymnasium and a specialist chef.

Unique Offer – South  Africa Rehabilitation Just £2000 Per Month!

We’ve got practices all around the world. A number of our clients are currently choosing to head abroad for more economical treatment of the exact same quality. With rehabilitation costs in the UK beginning at £3500 per month & our South African practice offering rehabilitation for £2000 its no surprise many people are choosing to travel for addiction treatment. Contact HDUK on 0161 401 2991 for more info on our foreign rehabilitation practices.

Cumbria Home Detox For Dependence & Home Rehab Options

Detox safely in the home from addiction from only £995 – Our professional team of medical staff are waiting to assist you. Further to our Home Detox service we also provide a home-based rehab programme that costs merely £150 per week. Phone us today for more information on our Cumbria Home Detox on 0161 401 2991.

Is someone close to you personally suffering from substance dependency? Phone our Cumbria Rehab now for free suggestions on 0161 401 2991.

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