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Check into UK Rehab today. Rapid admissions & free transportation. We have Rehab centres all across the UK and the world. Call our specialist team today on 01908 465322 or email for free advice and fast admissions.

UK RehabUK Rehab?

With alcohol and drug addiction on the rise across the world but in the UK more so than other places it is of no suprise that many addictions clinics operate in the UK. We have a number of UK Rehab Clinics spread across the country. These clinics all specialise in addiction and disorder treatment. We know that our Home Detox programme will not work for everyone and that’s why we also offer a residential UK rehab service. Going to a UK rehab centre is a big decision to make, call us and let us make sure you go to the right treatment centre. Call on 1908 465322.

We have a team of specialist addictions workers working within the UK and waiting to help you. All of our staff come from an addictions background so know exactly what you are going through.  A number of our staff have first hand experience in going to a rehab centre so can give real advice.

UK rehab Clinics have a reputation as being some of the best in the world and to be honest we would place our client in nothing short of the best.  Some of our UK Rehab clinics have swimmings pools, gyms and state of the art facilities. The Clinics we work with are also working with the cutting edge technology when it comes to addiction. Most of our Clinics are set in tranquil surroundings to add a sense of serenity to the process of recovery. All of our UK Rehab centres offer an aftercare service. From 5 day detox programmes to 12 week residential stays we offer every programme you could want.

We have specific clinics that specialise in Alcohol, Cannabis, Heroin, MDMA, Cat, Ketamine, Crack, Cocaine, Crystal Meth & Prescription drugs such as Codeine, Vallium and Methadone. We also work with UK Rehab Clinics that treat Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Love Addiction, Depression & Eating disorders.

Some Healthcare Providers Will Cover Your Rehab!

We are recognised and accepted by Allianz, AXA Healthcare & Bupa. Please contact us to see if your Healthcare will pay for your UK rehab treatment.

UK Rehab Centres

We have specialist rehab centres located across England, Scotland & Ireland. Contact us now for same day admissions! 01908 465322

Worldwide Alcohol & Drug  Rehab Centres

We also have alcohol rehab centres in Namibia, Thailand, Switzerland, Tanzania, India, South Africa and Dubai. Call us now for free advice 01908 465322 or email

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