Top 10 Addiction Blogs

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Addiction blogs are hard to find! Having looked ourselves for addiction blogs that have value and good content we decided to compile a list of our favorite addiction blogs below. At the time of posting all the addiction blogs were live and accepting comments. Some are personal addiction blogs others are addiction blogs aimed at offering help, practical advice and stories. Feel free to share your addiction blog in the comments below.

Top 10 Addiction Blogs – Home Detox UK

1. The Addiction Inbox

Compiled by Dirk Hanson this addiction blog focuses on articles and health studies on addiction. It also includes the latest scientific discoveries and great personal logs of the struggles of addiction.

2. Sober Julie

Written by Julie a recovering alcoholic this is an open look into her life of recovery, struggles and joys. This blog can be helpful to anyone in recovery but also family members.

3. Alcohol Free Me

Written by Simon Turner a recovering alcoholic living in Cape Town. This blog is sprinkled with humor but also the harsh realities of addition. The blog itself has seen a relapse (2 years ago) and a near fatal stabbing. A great look at the personal side of addiction.

4. Alcoholic Daze

This addiction blog is written by Addy the partner of a recovering alcoholic in London, UK. Quite simply inspirational! A look at her life, daily struggles and successes. Very active blog with many followers.

5. Paul Garrigan

Written obviously by Paul Garrigan this is a very active addiction blog full of fascinating things. Paul lives in Thailand and has embraced the culture. A very interesting blog with adventure into Thai boxing and juice fasting. This is a blog I have personally followed since entering recovery. A mind very much like my own.

6. Discovering Alcoholic

This blog has been put together by Gavin, a recovering alcoholic who sees addiction as a feather in the cap of life. A great blog that has been going many many years. It also includes a help toolbox and practical advice and stories on addiction and long term recovery.

7. The Immortal Alcoholic

Put together by Linda Doyne the non-alcoholic partner of an end stage alcoholic this is a fly on the wall look at addiction. Great for everyone including addicts and non addicts! This blog is sprinkled with comedy alongside the insanity of addiction. Great blog written by a brave women. Many help resources are included on this addiction blog.

8. Mrs D is going without

This addiction blog is written by Addy in London, UK.  A look at her life, daily struggles and successes since her alcoholic husband died five years ago and how his death has affected the non-alcoholics of the family. Very active blog with many followers.

9. Addiction Blog

This is not a personalised blog but one that focuses on the main news, science and innovations. Its a great resource for information. It is geared up to providing treatment in the US but also focuses on trending addiction news from around the world.

10. Twisted Grasp on Reality

A blog compiled by a recovering addict over the last few years. Looks at comedy as a way of over coming situation and also has interesting articles on current addiction in the world.

So thats our 2015 Top 10 Addiction Blogs. If you would like a badge confirming your involvement please email

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Finally our Top 10 addiction blogs 2015 were selected by our Home Detox UK & South Africa teams.

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