Spice Legal High – Swamps Heroin users in UK

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Spice Legal High has proven to be incredibly addictive both physically and mentally. Need help with addiction to Spice or other legal highs in the UK? We can help, help@homedetox.co.uk or 01908 465322.

Spice legal highSpice Legal High

Spice – a synthetic cannabinoid and so called legal high that was available from head shops and online sellers has spread widely across the UK in recent years. Spice users suffer horrendous withdrawal symptoms that trump that of opiates (heroin, morphine etc). We at Home Detox UK have seen a large rise in the number of calls and emails relating to spice use and physical withdrawal symptoms.

In this article we look at spice and similar substances along with current drug policy and the change to law with regards to the blanket ban imposed on psychoactive substances.

Spice Legal High – What is it?

Due to the changes in law banning one substance at a time the actual ingredients in spice vary in accordance with the law. Often filler and cutting chemicals are added to increase profit levels without regard for safety. Each batch of space varies in exact ingredients and additives. The most common occurring synthetic cannabinoids are:

  • JWH-018
  • HU-210
  • CP-47,497

*Information from drug forum site Erowind.

Spice Legal High – Similar substances

Other names for spice or similar legal highs are K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Skunk & Moon Rocks. All of these brands/products contain a similar group of compounds to what is found in spice. All of these legal high’s come with “not for human consumption” on the label.

Spice Legal High – Health Risks

Spice is known to cause induced psychosis, anxiety, headaches, hypertension, heart palpation’s & nausea along with cramps and physical withdrawal symptoms if long term use is discontinued suddenly.

Spice Legal High and the law

The original Spice legal high product has been illegal in the UK since 2009 but has changed chemical makeup and name several times since then. In 2016 all psychoactive (mind altering) substances are to be illegal to sell. The law was so harsh it would have banned caffeine along with nicotine if special by laws were not implemented.

Overall view on spice, so called legal highs and drug policy

Spice and its alternatives would never have existed at such a level had the approach to cannabis possession been more relaxed. Spice and legal highs in the UK are a direct result of the failed war on drugs. The question is how much longer will drug policy remain in the dark ages and allow criminals to profit from a market that could be controlled, taxed and made allot safer. We would not be seeing these lethal and largely unknown substances on the market if we had relaxed and controlled drug laws. We would also see a reduction in conviction for non-violent drug crimes (possession) that are robbing young people of a future.

It is time drug policy caught up with the times or at the very least further harm reduction plans are rolled out to educate people on substances. As far as I am concerned someone is better off smoking legitimate cannabis than these legal high alternatives.

Spice Legal High Documentary in Manchester, UK

Article written by Grant Allman owner of Health Addict Ltd & Home Detox South Africa.

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