Sex Addiction Treatment

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Sex addiction treatment now available with our home based programme. Contact Home Detox UK today on 01908 465322 or email now for free advice.

What is sex addiction?

sex addiction treatmentExplaining sex addiction to someone who is not a sex addict is very difficult, in fact it is almost impossible. Most people have very little understanding of what’s going on in the life of someone who is addicted to sex, in fact many people see it as a bit of a joke when the reality is far from that. For the suffering addicts it is all consuming and affects every aspect of their life.

The easiest way to explain sex addiction is to compare it to other physical addictions such as alcohol or drugs. Just as the alcoholic or drug addict needs their substance to live the sex addict needs sex in the same way. They cannot live without it and when they have it they cannot stop, they’re always thinking about it and they’re always finding and seeking ways of getting more. This leads to other aspects of their lives falling away, being neglected and ultimately things start to fall apart. Healthy relationships are neglected and just like other addicts they become isolated with their addiction and it controls everything.

Sex Addiction Treatment

Symptoms of sex addiction include an all-consuming obsession of sexual experiences leading to negative life consequences as a result of sexually acting out. They find that they constantly break promises to people and to themselves to stop or to cut down on the sexual behaviours they often engage in problematic sexual behaviours despite the negative consequences that brings. They will also inevitably experience relationship problems either at work or at school as they find it difficult to relate to other people in a ‘normal’ manner. They also often experience financial difficulties which can have a dramatic affect on themselves and those around them. Finally they may also lose all interest in social activities and then this can lead to physical and mental decline creating a feeling of despair and isolation along with other problems.

The total obsession of the issue as with other addictions is what defines a sex addict. They often spend a long time fantasising about having sex, so much so that it becomes the main focus of their life. Our sex addiction treatment covers all aspects of the obsession.

There is help available and sex addictions are treated the same way as addictions to drugs or alcohol. First, take away the ‘using’ behaviors or ‘acting out’ then focus on the reasons behind these behaviors. All our clinics and programs work with people suffering from sex addiction along with other process addictions such as gambling and once they are given a chance to work through their issues with qualified counsellors then they can return to a happy and fulfilled life and with care can enjoy full relationships in the future.

Sex Addiction Treatment in the UK

For advice or more information on our sex addiction treatment call us today on 01908 465322 or complete the form below. Our sex addiction treatment is highly effective and groundbreaking in its approach.

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