Gambling Addiction

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Get fast help for your gambling addiction, call us on 01908 465322 or email – Are you or a loved one struggling with gambling addiction?

Gambling Addiction

Gambling AddictionGambling Addiction is growing fast globally. Once gambling was not accesable and more difficult to do , now gaming is everywhere! In your pubs you are encircled by fruit machines, bookmakers are not only on the streets they are online. Betting hasn’t been simpler and more accessible to the public than now. Also the way you can bet has changed – being in a position to do trade or spread betting on the market stocks have made diverse gambling popular. Addiction and gambling dependence really go hand in hand as the sensation works on the same receptors in the mind.

Drugs, Gambling & Alcohol Dependence

Unsurprisingly these three go hand in hand. it is common for a gambling addict to possess other addictions including but not limited drugs and alcohol. Gambling dependence has dramatic effects not just on the gambler but also on the loved ones that surround them. Lying and hiding wagering patterns would be the first signs of an issue. Many before seeking any kind of professional help lose many things (money, relationships, Jobs etc).

Treatment for Gaming Dependence

We have a number of choices for treating gambling addiction. Each person is different and we are aware of this. We asses each individual and work out the best treatment option from that assessment. Some people are better suited to a residential clinic while others respond better to our home based treatments.

Are you or someone you love suffering from gambling addiction? Contact us on 01908 465322 for free private advice 24/7 or email us – You can also complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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