Anorexia Treatment

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Anorexia Treatment Clinics across UK & Ireland! 24/7 Admissions

Are you or someone who you know struggling with Anorexia or an eating disorder? Phone us today on 01908 465322 for free guidance or email –  Our team are waiting to help.

Anorexia TreatmentAnorexia Treatment

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder and mental health illness that may be life threatening. Anyone can be affected by it! Anorexia is distinguished by an irrational anxiety, weight loss, substantial food limitations and distorted body image. It was always considered that it had been an image orientated sickness solely affecting females, but figures released lately demonstrate that males are also hugely affected by Anorexia. Many individuals suffer for years with Anorexia or other eating disorders without seeking hep or guidance through fear of being judged. Our programmes are specially tailored for your needs as we understand everybody is different. The most crucial step is acknowledging you have a problem and finding the correct anorexia treatment.

Eating disorder treatmentUK & Ireland

Treatment in the UK & Ireland like other dependency treatments is amongst the best available. A lot of people travel from as far as America & Europe for Anorexia treatment in the UK. What brings individuals here is the success rate, quality of care and costs of the treatment.  Many stigmas are attached to Eating Disorders which is why we pride ourselves on offering a private and friendly service. We’ve got Anorexia Treatment clinics right across the UK so wherever you are we will  have the capacity to help. We are able to offer same day entries as well as transport if required. In some cases private medical insurance will cover your anorexia treatment.

Eating Disorders

Besides Anorexia we can additionally treat Bulimia and Over Eating along with other co-occuring behaviours. Unsure if we can help? Call us on 01908 465322 or fill in the box below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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For more information on eating disorders check out the NHS.