Neknomination – Social Networking Highlights Drink Culture Issue

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So Neknomination has spread rapidly over the last couple of weeks and has got much media attention. If you don’t know what Neknomination is – It began as a drink downing competition which is filmed then put onto Facebook nominating the next drinker. It has quickly spread worldwide and be increasingly more extreme. For me personally this trend emphasizes a drinking culture according to peer pressure and lunacy. I don’t know anyone who began drinking because of loving the taste…

What’s dismaying is how quickly it has spread, how lots of people have got involved along with the levels it has gone to. Slowly it developed to a man getting hit with fireworks, light strips plus a man with boxing gloves on. The stunt became significant, not the drink. An example of a Neknomination  on the video below!

Subsequently Neknomination landed in the UK like a led balloon! Stunts nearly insignificant…. Drink number essential. Afterward I began seeing folks I personally knew drinking bleach, shower gel and washing up liquid? Unbelievable how we Brits must try and outdo the Aussies at everything. Thus far just three deaths are reported in relation to this but I’m shocked the amount isn’t higher. With the weekend on our doorstep I have no doubt we’ll see some more huge storylines about this.

NeknominationOptimistically this crazy “game” will help spread knowledge regarding the global drinking difficulty we face. What began at as enjoyable has turned into a dangerous and potentially life threatening challenge-type drinking game. In South Africa folks have filmed themselves giving out food to the homeless instead.

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We can also help if you suffer from any addiction! For more information on Neknomination visit the BBC website here.

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19 comments on “Neknomination – Social Networking Highlights Drink Culture Issue
  1. Richard Cordwell says:

    Hello. Whats the [problem? Surely you writing about it helps spread the issue? Just saying……..

    • Arga says:

      i’ve been biting my nails since i was a child, and i’m amlsot 18.It’s not that I can’t stop because I don’t have the willpower. I can’t stop because I do it absentmindedly, and by the time I realize what I’m doing, I’ve already bit off a big segment. And at that point I’m like to heck with it and/or start trying to make it symmetrical.Stress and boredom have alot to do with it. And I’m at a pretty stressful time in my life.Please don’t tell me things that have to do with willpower, like look in the mirror at yourself bitting your nails . Don’t tell me to put on nail polish either, I still bite knowing it’s poisonous X.XAre there any products that would help me stop?

  2. Graham says:

    Sick game played by kids. Grow up! The best part of these lot ran down there mothers leg

    • Ghadir says:

      Well I see a bunch of haters arnienwsg your question. I thought it was a well written essay. The point is there are drug users everywhere wether is legal or not people are going to smoke it. the state might as well make money off it and get them self out of debt. I personaly dont smoke weed but I dont feel it is any different then alcohol. You never hear about some one high killing someone in a car accident, doing a drive by or fighting the police but you hear about it everyday with the people that are drunk. I didn’t hear if it was passed but if not it should of been.

  3. Phil Green says:

    Screw the haters i did mine with bleach and washing up liquid. Was nasty but I did it! Home Detox i necknominate YOU!

  4. Casey P says:

    I just wondered if you had many people contact you off the back of that neknominations thing? has the same issue with this. Is there any chance to bypass this problem? Thanks.

  5. Fiona says:

    My boyf did his nomination. People who dont are pathetic imo

    • Astriti says:

      I have just laptop for work and home (two in one, heh) and a plotatsyian (doesn’t count. or does it, huh).I don’t see many reasons for having a physical web server, unless you are concerned about data privacy. In that case in my eyes you would be the perfect candidate for rehab and all computers but one should be revoked. You could choose which one stays 🙂

  6. Richard Hoyle says:

    yeah dude, this is definitely straight crazy. I got nominated but ignored it! Education on the danger of alcohol and alcoholism is needed in UK and across the world.

    • Ching says:

      Just remember ..when you srnuerder you have two choices hands up like your giving up out of fear, like when someone has a gun pointed at you. The other choice is to place your hands, palms out, somewhere around abdomen. In that position you are trusting and ready to receive all the gifts that a Higher Power can give ! Many blessings in recovery to you .from a guy from the rooms across the hall. (for me Alanon).

  7. gary sims says:

    As a result kids are getting smashed on high levels of vodka. Disturbing trend!

    • Suchi says:

      You are welcome thank you for tikang the time to read it. My soul purpose is to help educate others, to be a sponsor, role model for being clean overcomimg addiction, to let others know that it is not impossible. I am so glad to hear that your son is still clean. It is difficult to stay clean at first, but as long as he keeps his focus moving forward in a positive direction, knows where he doesnt need to be pushed to as in his limits recognizes when a situation or problem is bringing him down or pushing his thinking back to where it was He will stay clean. If he or you ever need to talk email me at if need be I can give my number to you He is blessed for sure. Take care

  8. Pamela says:

    Good stuff. Your alcohol home detox is really good thats only reason I am on the site. How do i leave a testimonial?

  9. Aldon says:

    Good for you for having lost the weihgt. However, I see a lot of processed, packaged, preservative-full ready meals and snacks that you should be cutting out. Eating whole and natural foods you cook yourself is a lot healthier (and fun!) than eating microwaveable or frozen meals. Also, avoid eating things that are fat free or diet as they are generally full of nasty chemicals and additives. For example, a Lean Cuisine meal has a tremendous amount of SODIUM to make it taste good.

  10. Roger says:

    Neknomination is stupid. Anyone who gets involved in substance abuse is mad

  11. Ronnie says:

    Neknomination is stupid

  12. Ollie says:

    Can i post my vidoe here?

  13. Hamish says:

    Horrbile trend this was

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