Legal High Addiction

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Legal High Addiction treatment now available across the UK & Europe. Call Home Detox UK on 01908 465322 or email for free advice on treating legal high addiction.

Legal High Addiction

legal high addictionAddiction to “legal high” type substances is not a new trend but one that has increased dramatically over the last 5 years in the UK especially. Legal High addiction and abuse came to light when methedrone (Mcat, Cat, Drone) was briefly legal and sold on the internet as plant fertilizer. When this was outlawed new substances with very similar compounds appeared on the market to replace almost immediately. It became a game of cat and mouse with drug designers outwitting the law and simply altering the molecular structure of the legal high.

What this created was an unpredictable and uncontrollable market in terms of monitoring the long term effects of these substances and how best to treat overdose or addiction. We have seen a sharp wise in legal high addiction where synthetic cannabis is involved (K2, Spice etc) largely due to the physical symptoms given by these products. Often users experience extreme withdrawal symptoms similar to opiate withdrawals (cramps, shakes & sweats).

Legal High Addiction Treatment Options

As legal high addiction rises in the UK so do the ways to treat it. We offer a few services that are suitable in treating legal high addiction depending on the individuals circumstances. We can sometimes offer home based treatment for legal high addiction, this includes full support throughout the detox phase then a set programme and telephone sessions for a set period. This approach is not suitable for everyone and typically works with very self motivated people who want to change.

Our other legal high addiction treatment option is residential rehab. We have Rehab clinics based across the UK and abroad that can all treat legal high addiction comfortably. All of our clinics have 24/7 medical staff and CQC licenses where required (in UK). Our rehab options can be between 7 days and 12 months (longer if required). It is recommended to complete a minimum of three months treatment for optimum chance of lasting recovery as this allows the brain to re-balance and alter nuero-pathways. Everyone is different and we will always look to tailor a programme best suited to an individuals needs.

Need advice or guidance regarding legal high addiction and the treatment options available? Call us today on 01908 465322 or email – We are waiting to help.

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Legal High’s will be made illegal on 4 April 2016 – for information on that please visit this website.