Home Detox UK wins Best Addiction Treatment 2015

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Best Addiction Treatment 2015 winner – Home Detox UK!

Home Detox UK part of the Health Addict Ltd group has won the Global Health Pharma award for Best Addiction Treatment 2015 in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical award section. The award comes after just two years of operating in the competitive UK addiction market and recognises the effort put in by the entire team.

Best Addiction TreatmentHDUK has stood out as the leading home based addiction service in the UK with its glowing reviews and large customer base. The business was set up by Grant Allman and he has staffed it with recovering alcoholics and addicts he knew through his own treatment process. According to Grant the seeds of success were sown when he was actually rehab himself.

In a statement after receiving the award for Best Addiction Treatment 2015 director of Home Detox UK Grant stated “I had the idea for home based addiction treatment when I was in a residential rehab for alcoholism a few years back. It made sense as it cut costs and made addiction treatment accessible to many more people”.

He added “With regards to the future of the Home Detox brand we have grown dramatically in Africa and are looking to cover the entire continent by mid-2016. We are now looking at Spanish speaking markets and Australia as areas we can help while developing our brand and ethics globally.

Best Addiction Treatment

Best addiction treatment UKHome Detox UK offers a range of treatments including home based detox for alcohol, opiates and prescription medications. They also offer full home rehab services including the now renowned Beat It 2015 programme. Alongside this Home Detox continues to lead the way in referrals to residential rehab clinics alongside its normal duties.

They are also known for treating eating disorders, stress, anxiety and depression. They have recently partnered with well-known provider of Ibogaine treatment again broadening their horizons with expansion into new and effective addiction treatments.

For more information on Home Detox UK and the services available check out the website or contact them on 0844 309 1993.

Best Addiction Treatment – The Nomination:

Details of how we went up for the award are bellow.

Company/Facility Name:  Home Detox UK

Your Name: Grant Allman

Your Position: Director

Primary Practice Area: Addiction Treatment (UK & Ireland)


Please provide us with a short ‘about us’

We provide a safe, effective and affordable alternative to residential rehab while remaining fully confidential. We can start our process the same day and provide fast admissions to our network of rehab clinics around the world.



What is the firm’s history in Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals?

We specialise in addiction, I myself have been helping people with addictive problems for 9 years and hold majority share of the South African addiction market.



Would you like to highlight a particular product or service?

Our Alcohol home detox is just £995 (cheapest in UK & Ireland). We cover every inch of these countries and can have the process started the very same day.



Who are your primary competitors and what gives you the edge?

Many of our competitors set up after we did (copied). Most deal with rehab placements as a main target, they treat the home stuff as secondary. Home treatments are our primary focus and we have the most rigid follow up and safety process without any doubt.



Do you have any expansion plans on the horizon?

As I said we are dominant in South Africa (Home Detox South Africa www.homedetox.co.za) We are moving into Nigeria with massive support followed by Ghana, DRC and Tanzania. We will be the number one home treatment provider worldwide (based on people helped) within 2 years.



What has been the company’s proudest achievement in the last 12 months?

The launch of our Beat it ® programme in South Africa. This allows us to treat people often missed due to lack of funding. We also sponsor numerous athletes and charity projects.



Are there any individuals at the company that particularly deserve recognition or reward?

Liam Moore has helped increase our sales while maintaining a constant level of quality and service.



Have there been any major innovations over the past 12 months?

The Beat it ® programme in South Africa (all of Africa soon). CBT programme with full detox. We have changed the face and price of addiction treatment in Africa.



Would you like to suggest a particular accolade or recommend an area of the business that is most deserving?

Home Detox UK & Home Detox South Africa have grown dramatically and successfully in very different and challenging markets.






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