Alcoholics Anonymous Poem

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Alcoholics Anonymous Poem



Inventory  It’s understood that members sometime refer to the Twelve Step idea as a “selfish” program.     If selfishness is considered a human shortcoming why should we describe our wonderful program as selfish?

What we are really trying to say,  it seems,  is that our true self-interest lies in the direction of helping others and sharing our experiences and strength with them.   To do this is to lose the “bondage” of self that is so destructive in the life of every compulsive person.

In this process,  we’ll probably also discover that too much self-concern has made us unhappy and ill.   Selfish,  we’re likely to learn,  is always bad. (subscribe to our blog for more Alcoholics Anonymous Poem)

When people say hat ours is a selfish program they really intend to convey the idea that it’s a “self-improvement” program.  It’s our concern about others that leads to the higher forms of self-improvement.

Though exercising prudence and good judgment,   I’ll take a healthy interest in helping others and sharing with them today.  I know that my Higher Power will be with me in all of my actions.




Alcoholics Anonymous Poem

Alcoholics Anonymous Poem

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4 comments on “Alcoholics Anonymous Poem
  1. Chandra says:

    Would your parents be sidenng you through a chemical dependency program for coffee or chocolate or aspirin or Advair (asthma medicine) ..? You put forth your feelings and arguments very eloquently, and I suggest you print out your post and hand it to them, or sit down and talk to them Perhaps doing that will show how mature you are and that this really isn’t an appropriate (and no doubt costly) program to you.Now, you mention friends who have been through treatments, and in your parents’ eyes, these people are not a good influence. These friends are now tarring you with the same brush. You might want to expand your circle of friends and/or spend less time with them until you come of age, to help assuage your parents’ fears.If you do end up entering the program, do be honest, as they will no doubt It do a blood, urine, and hair test on a regular basis. And, be up front honest stating that you have every intention of smoking pot when the program is over, and your body may be doing the program, but your mind isn’t.Here’s a question. How successful was treatment for your friends? Probably not very, so why do your parents choose to waste money when the issue is not you and your future, but how they feel about your smoking pot. I don’t mean to be disparaging to your parents, but it sounds a little like this is about them, and not about you. You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself.And, here is something to put into perspective: Essentially, you are a drug innocent or virgin if you will, having eschewed the harder drugs. Why would they want to expose you to hard-core substance abusers? Similar to prison more people come out more criminally minded than when they entered, rehab often exposes a tenuous person to the hardcore drugs. Talk to your parents rationally. Bring out your business plan and your bank books and you three-years worth of pay-stubs. Hopefully, you have a decent report card, so add that to the mix. Present them with who you really are, as it sounds like you guys have lost touch with each other the past few years.Best of luck.

  2. David says:

    OK, what you think will be next to hit UK for addiction ?

  3. Enya says:

    Really helpful for me today 🙂

  4. Cole says:

    Good reading. Why dont you post more alcoholics anon stuff on your site? It helps with my addiction and recovery.

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  1. Ross says:

    tnx for info!!

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