Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment services across the UK & Ireland. Call us on 01908 465322 for more information on the services we offer or email – We are open 24/7 and waiting to help.

Private Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction TreatmentWe offer fully confidential treatment services for all substance addiction and co-occurring disorders. All of our services are personally tailored to our clients individual needs. Our services start from just £150 and can be a great alternative to residential rehabilitation both in terms of cost and disruption to daily life. For more information on any of our home based services please follow the links below.

Further to our home based addiction treatment options we also work closely with many rehab clinics worldwide and can arrange same day admission along with transportation if required. All of our clinics are CQC registered and operate at the highest level both in terms of programme and facilities. Speak to one of our friendly advisers now for more information.

Alcohol Home Detox

We offer the most comprehensive alcohol detox service that can be carried out within your own home or one of our CQC registsred clinics. Typically this treatment will be completed over a 5-10 day period depending on the severity of the case. We provide 24/7 telephone support alongside this service and can offer extended telephone counselling to further improve long term recovery.

Drug Home Detox

We provide medical detox services for most opiate addictions (heroin and certain prescribed medications) across the UK and Ireland. These services are offered on a case per case basis and come with full 24/7 support. We can offer home based treatments for all other drug addictions including but not limited cocaine, methedrone, crack, amphetamines & ketamine. Call us today for more information and to see of we can help.

Residential Rehab for Addiction

Hampshire Rehab for drug & alcohol addictionOur residential addiction clinics are specifically geared up to deal with the problems one would face when combating addiction and the co-occurring problems. Our clinics are designed to cater for the underlying issues that lead to addiction and the impacts this can have on ones life. We have a network of clinics that specialise solely in addiction treatment and can arrange same day admission. Follow this link to find out more about our rehab clinics.

Is a loved one suffering from addiction? Call us today for free advice and guidance. Our team work around the clock and are waiting to help! Call us on 01908 465322 or complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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